What is SEO and How to Get Started

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of optimizing a website to make it search engine friendly, which allows for higher ranking in search results. The goal is to position your website to the top of the search results for your targeted keywords. If your site is not shown on the first page, then you have a much lower chance of being noticed by potential customers.

Now, the thing is… exactly how do you create a website and optimize it correctly to achieve a high ranking position in Google? Below I have explained three essential variables to consider when doing SEO to your website.

A lot of people believe that simply because they had created a website, it will automatically rank highly and get found by users surfing the internet. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work like that. Think about it. There are BILLIONS of websites indexed (shown in the search results) on Google alone, why would Google suddenly push sites like Apple, IGN, Amazon, etc down the ranks and stick your website at the top? It wouldn’t. However, no need to get upset, there are many ways to get your website to the top and we are going to cover three of them in this article.

#1 – Keyword Research.

The first thing you should know is that websites do not rank, it is actually web PAGES which rank for chosen phrases (keywords). The way users search for your service is using keywords. They will type in something like London SEO Agency or SEO Agency in London. Therefore, when we as SEO experts say ‘keyword research‘ we also mean key phrase research. The key here is to find a keyword which has a high volume of monthly traffic (you can use Google Keyword Tool to check this) and low competition.

#2 – On-Page Optimization.

This part of SEO is optimizing your on-page content to make it ‘Google friendly‘. It is the way you not only structure your website, but also how you write and optimize your content. Google looks at your entire website so even the little things need to be well optimized.

Below are two main on-page SEO aspects that SEO businesses focus on:

Title Tag: This is what identifies your website when it comes up in search results. If you look up a site in Google, you will see text to tell you what the site is about and usually, what the site is called. This is the title tag and it is very important that this clearly shows what your website is about and must contain your targeted keyword. Don’t forget, this is the first thing Google looks at.

Page Summary: The page summary is the part that is shown below the title tag (usually smaller text than title tag). This is also important not only for SEO purposes but also for marketing. This should be catchy and welcoming to attract customers but also needs to contain as many variations of your keyword as possible. However, don’t just type 10 different keyword variations into the summary, Google does not like this.

#3 – Off-Page Optimization

Off-page SEO is where the real power comes from. This is probably the most distinctive element which improves the rank of your website. The most scalable and most effective way of getting power to your site to increase its authority and ranking is the creation and optimization of backlinks. Backlinks are basically websites, referring other websites. Think of it like this. Who is one of the most powerful people in the world? Probably someone who runs a country right? A president. How did the president become president and get the top seat? By VOTES! They had been voted into the position.

Well, SEO is similar. You need to be kind of voted into the top position, by other websites having backlinks to yours (a vote). Once you have enough backlinks and enough authoritative websites linking to your site, your ranking will improve.

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